‘Clinton Cash’ Movie to Premiere on Eve of Democratic Convention

Just one year ago, Hillary Clinton appeared to be a strong presidential candidate in the eyes of the media. That was long before Sanders attacked the former Secretary of State for her secretive speeches to powerful Wall Street banks and Donald Trump coined the nickname “Crooked Hillary.”

But in May of last year, a book was published by HarperCollins that investigated the Clintons. The book Clinton Cash, written by Peter Schweizer, has now turned into a movie which will see its American premiere on the eve of the Democratic Convention. The book went on to be a bestseller.

Clinton has managed to clean up her image and is still a strong presidential candidate. The polls show that Sanders and Trump will have a hard time stopping her, but that hasn’t deterred the Clinton Cash team.

The film, directed by M.A. Taylor, will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France next month. While the movie is not part of the festival, it will be shown to distributors.

Schweizer says the story is one that has resonated with people “on the printed page,” and the team felt the story should be told on other platforms as well.

The film’s U.S. premiere will be on July 24 in Philadelphia, the day before the Democratic National Convention. In August, the film will see a limited release in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

Written by Andrew


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