Clinton’s Campaign Shifts Focus to Draw in Sanders Supporters

As Hillary Clinton inches closer to securing the Democratic nomination, her campaign is shifting focus to draw in Sanders’ supporters and unite the party. The goal is to bring his millions of voters to her camp with or without the help of Sanders.

So far, Clinton has been modest with her attempts to bring Sanders and his supporters to her side. In the coming weeks, that will change as she tries to woo voters who are “feeling the Bern.” Clinton will likely start to focus on key issues that resonate with his supporters, including income inequality and money in politics.

Clinton made her first attempt at courting Sanders and his supporters on Tuesday night, when she took home victories in four out of five primaries in the Northeast. She applauded Sanders for bringing attention to the issues of money in politics and income inequality, and proclaimed that together, “we will get that done.”

“There’s much more that unites us than divides us,” she said, referring to both her and Sanders’ supporters.

No conversations have been had between either campaign as of yet. Clinton hasn’t decided what Sanders’ role at the convention will be either. She is still in the beginning stages of considering a running mate.

Sanders’ overwhelming support from young people and independent voters would make for a strong addition to Clinton’s support from minorities and women.

Written by Andrew

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