Republican Lawmakers Are, Apparently, in Denial about Trump

After a sweeping victory in New York and easily winning five contests on Tuesday, Donald Trump proclaimed himself as the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party. But apparently, GOP senators didn’t get his message.

Republican lawmakers who want to hold onto their slim Senate majority in November seem to be far from ready to accept Trump as their standard bearer. About a dozen GOP senators who were interviewed on Wednesday said Trump is “doing well.” “Doing well” is quite an understatement considering the fact that the Republican front-runner has mathematically eliminated Ted Cruz from the nomination, barring a contested convention.

Many senators said they will wait until July to make a decision on whether they’ll endorse Trump.

Blocking out Trump has proven to be an uphill battle. Colorado Senator Cory Gardner endorsed Cruz on Wednesday, making him the third Republican senator to support the candidate. But other efforts to block Trump from the nomination have slowed to a halt.

Many Republicans still have the desire to stop Trump, but feel powerless to do so. Endorsements make little difference to slow his campaign’s momentum. The Cruz and Kasich effort to block Trump’s nomination lost steam from the moment it was launched, and many party supporters are unsure of Cruz’s running mate pick: Carly Fiorina.

Written by Andrew

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