Sanders Predicts a Contested Convention, Appeals to Superdelegates

In a press conference on Sunday, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders predicted a “contested” convention in July. The Vermont senator said Hillary Clinton will not have enough pledged delegates to win the nomination before the convention in Philadelphia.

Sanders delivered a persuasive and aggressive call for the super delegates in the states he’s won to consider changing their vote to be in line with what the people want. The senator argued that Clinton will need superdelegates to win the nomination.

Sanders appealed to superdelegates in states he handily won, asking them to reconsider their vote.

The senator pointed to Washington, highlighting the fact that his campaign won the state by nearly 73% of the vote. “In anybody’s opinion, that is a massive landslide,” he said. Hillary Clinton has 10 superdelegates from Washington and Sanders has zero.

The comments from Bernie Sanders come just one day before the Indiana primary. Sanders made it clear that his path to the nomination wouldn’t be an easy one, but vowed to continue fighting. The Vermont senator would need to win 710 out of the 1083 pledged delegates remaining to take the majority, which equates to 65%. Sanders called it a “tough road to climb, but not an impossible one.”

Written by Andrew

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