Senate On Track for Lightest Work Schedule in 6 Decades

The Senate Republicans are once again on recess, although they maintain their claims that the Senate is “back to work.” This year is shaping up to be the lightest work schedule for the Senate in six decades.

Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader, has worked tirelessly to create an image of stability and effort to get legislation passed that the Democrats failed to get through when they held control of the Senate.

Despite his efforts, there is evidence to the contrary, as the chamber is on pace to work the fewest days in 60 years. The party also insists that it will not act on Obama’s Supreme Court nomination, and it may have difficulty pushing the dozen spending bills through the chamber.

Republicans do have some major wins under their belt, including the rewriting of Medicare, transportation and energy laws. But if they want to maintain their “back to work”
message, they’ll need to put in some overtime. The party’s refusal to take up the issue of Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland isn’t doing them any favors either.

Between the relaxed 2016 schedule, the Supreme Court nomination debacle and missing crucial legislative opportunities, the Democrats have a solid argument against them that neutralizes the GOP’s “back to work” slogan.

Written by Andrew


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