Ted Cruz and Trump Supporter Square Off in Indiana

Ted Cruz and a Trump supporter squared off in Indiana, as the two engaged in a back-and-forth during the candidate’s campaign stop in the state. Trump’s supporter taunted Cruz, telling him to “do the math” and urged him to accept Trump as the nominee.

The intense interaction between the two was broadcast on MSNBC Monday, which showed the Republican candidate being confronted by a group of Donald Trump supporters just one day before the state’s primary. The Indiana primary is a crucial contest for the Texas senator, who is trailing behind Trump.

As for the man that taunted Cruz, the Texas senator asked him what he likes about Donald Trump. “Everything,” the man replied. When pressed to specify what he liked about the Republican front-runner, “the wall” was his response.

Cruz countered with a reference to Trump’s $1 million judgment against him for hiring undocumented immigrants.

Cruz appeared with Governor Mike Pence during an interview shortly after the encounter, and criticized the media for being fixated on process stories and not the problems of the American people.

Speaking of the event, Cruz said there were 300-400 of his supporters in attendance and just a handful of Trump supporters. “To the shock of everybody, the media focused on the six Donald Trump supporters instead of the 300 Cruz supporters,” he said.

Written by Andrew

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