Trump Leads National Polls With 56% Support

Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner, is leading in the national polls released on Tuesday. Trump has more than doubled his advantage over Ted Cruz in the Republican poll, with 56% of people showing support for Trump and just 22% showing support for Cruz. John Kasich received 14% of the support in the survey, while 7% of participants remained undecided.

Trump is the only candidate that can reach the GOP nomination mathematically, with Cruz and Kasich remaining in the race if the convention is contested in July. Trump needs to secure 1,237 delegates to be the clear Republican nominee.

The majority (58%) of Republicans believe that Kasich should drop out of the race after winning just one primary thus far. Ted Cruz, who has been outnumbered in the majority of states, should drop out of the race, according to 40% of Republicans.

The Cruz campaign may decide to call an end to the race if he does not have a good showing in Indiana.

Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in the national polls, with a 54% to 40% advantage. Hypothetical matchups between Clinton and Trump are mixed, with many believing that Clinton will beat Trump.

A landslide win for Trump in Indiana would all but secure his win as the Republican nominee.

Written by Andrew

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