Rubio Says He’s 150% Committed to Being Senator

On the campaign trail, Marco Rubio was criticized for his bad habit of skipping out on votes, but since ending his campaign, the senator has learned to embrace his day job. He’s worked with other Republicans to get funding for the fight against the Zika virus, and he’s fought the White House on a foreign-policy deal.

Whereas an alleged friend said Rubio “hated” his day job while on the campaign trail, Rubio is now 150% committed to his role as senator.

The senator remarked that if “we had a couple more years, we could really get some stuff done.” He added that seniority plays a big role in the Senate, stating that those with more experience have more influence. Rubio expressed his remorse of not having the opportunity to earn a position of seniority.

Rubio made the decision not to run simultaneous presidential and reelection campaigns, and while he could still enter the race, the senator says he won’t.

According to recent polls in Florida, Rubio would be the strongest candidate to maintain his seat. The senator says he won’t be running for governor, and it’s speculated that if he does run for office again, it won’t be until the presidential election in 2020.

Written by Andrew

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