Sanders Wins Indiana With 52.5% of Votes

Bernie Sanders surprised Hillary Clinton with a win in the Indiana primary on Tuesday night. The Vermont senator won the state with 52.5% of the votes, securing 43 delegates to Clinton’s 37 delegates.

The win has done little to narrow the delegate gap between Sanders and Clinton, but it has further solidified Sanders’ goal of staying in the race until the very end.

West Virginia is the next primary, which will take place on May 10, followed by primaries in Kentucky and Oregon on May 17. Sanders is expected to win the three contests, although none of the states have an open primary where voters can vote for any party despite their registration.

Clinton has moved passed her campaign and is looking toward the general election. “I’m really focused on moving into the general election,” stated Clinton. The Democratic frontrunner is preparing to square off against Donald Trump in the general election. Trump’s closest opponent, Ted Cruz, dropped out of the race on Tuesday after losing Indiana to Trump.

Sanders trailed in the polls going into Indiana, with polls showing Clinton in a 4-point lead as recent as next week.

The presidential hopeful has strongly criticized superdelegates stating, “I have a whole lot of problems with the nature of superdelegates right now.” Sanders has 39 superdelegates compared to Clinton’s 520.


Written by Andrew

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