Trump Has Begun Searching for VP Picks

Donald Trump has started to vet potential vice president picks. The billionaire and Republican frontrunner announced on Morning Joe that he would be choosing a politician, but said that “it’s too soon, I just don’t want to do it” when asked to name potential VP candidates.

“A lot of people are talking about certain names,” stated Trump.

Trump reasserted that he has “business talents,” and that he prefers a political VP that can help him get legislation passed, and someone that has friends in the White House. The Republican frontrunner also took a jab at the Obama administration, stating, “He can’t get anything approved, so he just keeps signing executive orders.”

Trump has stated that he wouldn’t like to use executive orders often.

When asked if his VP will be Republican, Trump stated, “Yes, that’s true.” Trump did state that he will be making a decision over the next week on who will be his vice president.

Trump also divulged that he will make a decision this week on whether or not he will accept donations for the party. Trump confirmed that he doesn’t need the money himself, spending nearly $44 million on his own campaign, but that the Republican party does need funding.

“I’m really looking at small contributions,” stated Trump. “I don’t want anybody to have influence over me,” he added when asked about his reluctance to take big donations.

Written by Andrew

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