Bernie Sanders Vows to Stay in Campaign Until Final Vote is Cast

Bernie Sanders reaffirmed what he’s been saying all along on Thursday: he will take his race to the convention.

In an interview with NPR, the Vermont senator said he will carry on his campaign until June 14 no matter whether the odds are stacked against him.

“We’re going to stay in until the last vote is counted,” Sanders said in an interview on “Morning Edition” in Elizabeth, Indiana.

The senator is still trailing behind Hillary Clinton in the race, and his path to the nomination has narrowed significantly. But his surprise upset in Indiana gave the candidate the momentum to continue his race and remain in the primary.

Sanders says that every state should have a say in who they want as president, citing California, which awards 546 delegates alone. The senator says his campaign also stands a chance to win Oregon, West Virginia and other states with contests yet to come.

With Clinton holding a commanding lead in the race, Sanders admits that it will be an “uphill” battle, but pointed to two paths to victory. One, of course, is to do very well in the remaining states. The other is to flip the superdelegates. Sanders reiterated his argument that superdelegates in the states he won by a landslide should side with the wishes of the voters and change their vote to his campaign.

Written by Andrew

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