Top Donors, Koch Brothers Remain Distant from Trump

Donald Trump has bankrolled his own campaign with $44 million of his own money. The presumptive Republican nominee stated on Wednesday that he would be open to donations from small donors and noted that the GOP party’s coffers are in need of money.

Republican mega donors have been unimpressed with Trump, with the Koch brothers, one of the most prominent donors to the party, keeping their distance from the candidate.

David Koch warned that the donors, which bankrolled the tea party, may sit out this election. Koch further stated that the brothers may even bankroll Hillary Clinton if needed. Many of the largest donors have also expressed concerns over a Trump nomination and stated that they may solely donate to Senate and House candidates.

A reluctance to donate to the party is expected to harm Trump’s reputation among the GOP, which has used money from major GOP funders to maintain their majorities in congress.

Shortfalls in GOP finances following the Indiana primary raised alarms in the party. The party has $2 million in debt and has just $16 million available, according to data from the end of March. The figure is much lower than the amount of funds left at the same point in the nomination in 2008 and 2012.

Trump has said that he will only partly fund his own campaign in the fall, leaving room for donations.

Written by Andrew

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