North Carolina’s Republican Leaders Dismiss Deadline to Change Bathroom Law

The federal government set a Monday deadline for North Carolina to change the state’s bathroom law. Republican leaders in the state refused to adhere to the deadline that passed on the controversial bill that regulates which bathroom a transgender person is allowed to use in public.

Tim Moore, House Speaker and Republican lawmaker, said  in a statement held in Raleigh, “North Carolina will not be bullied.”

The state is the first state in the country to pass a bill that requires transgender persons to use bathrooms in accordance to the sex on their birth certificate. The bill will not allow transgender people to use the bathrooms they feel they identify with most closely.

Transgender issues have been a hot topic in this year’s election, as many Republicans in various states are proposing similar laws as North Carolina.

The Justice Department can push a court order that will invalidate the law if North Carolina lawmakers do not listen to the “advice” of the government. A federal judge will need to hear the case in the event that the Justice Department pursues the matter further.

North Carolina has lost a lot of business following the signing of the bill, including a loss of 400 jobs from payment processor PayPal after the company decided not to open an office in the state due to the bill’s passing.

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