Study Released by American Action Forum Indicates Trump’s Deportation Plan Will Shrink GDP

A report released by the American Action Forum, a conservative think tank, on Thursday showed that Trump’s plan to deport all of the illegal immigrants in the country would lead to the GDP shrinking by 2%. The research from the group shows that 6.8 million illegals in the country are employed out of 11 million illegal immigrants estimated to reside in the United States.

The removal of all of these working individuals would cause the private sector to lose $381.5 – $623.2 billion.

Millions of jobs that illegals currently fill would be left open with no workers to fill the position. Farming, hospitality and construction are the industries, which hire illegal immigrants to work for them. The group suggests that there will not be enough legal workers to fill these positions.

Trump responded to the group on Thursday, stating, “Analysts misunderstood my immigration policy.” Trump has stated that he wants people to come into the country as long as they come through the system.

The Republican frontrunner has effectively locked up the GOP nomination this week as Ted Cruz and John Kasich have both dropped out of the presidential race. Trump’s stance on illegal immigrants is one of the main points that has fueled him to the top of the Republican party, according to polls that show 52.6% of those surveyed want all illegal immigrants to leave the country.

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