Hillary Clinton Insists FBI Has Not Contacted Her Yet

Hillary Clinton spoke on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday night and reaffirmed that she has not been contacted by the FBI about her usage of a private email server, which she used when she was secretary of state.

“I’m more than ready to talk to anybody, anytime.”

Clinton reasserted that she wants the investigation to be concluded quickly, and she urged all of her assistants to be forthcoming with any questions asked by the FBI. Clinton’s closest aides have been questioned over her email usage, including Huma Abedin, longtime Clinton advisor.

Officials state that the evidence points to Clinton not violating any laws willfully. Numerous Clinton aides have been interviewed more than once, according to FBI officials, but the FBI has not yet set a date for a Clinton interview. A Clinton interview on the matter is expected to be conducted in the coming weeks.

“I always took classified material seriously,” stated Clinton when pressed on the matter by John Dickerson. Clinton reaffirms that she never used the private email server to “send or receive” classified material.

The interview shifted to Clinton’s tax returns, which have been made public as far back as 33 years. Clinton took a jab at Donald Trump before the show ended, stating, “And his claim  they’re being  audited doesn’t hold up,” when discussing Trump’s reluctance to release his tax returns.

Written by Andrew

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