Clinton and Sanders Head to West Virginia Tuesday Night

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will face off in West Virginia Tuesday night in the state’s primary. The two Democrats are fighting to reach the required delegates to be nominated as the Democratic candidate who will face presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in the general elections.

Current polls have Sanders in the lead in West Virginia. Twenty-nine delegates are up for grabs tonight as Sanders hope to slow Clinton’s momentum going forward.

Donald Trump has gone on the offensive, stating, “she can’t close the deal” in regards to Clinton beating Sanders. The former secretary of state lost to Sanders in Indiana last week, losing little ground in the process.

Clinton’s remarks in March hurt her chances of a win in West Virginia, a coal industry haven, when she said she would “put a lot of coal companies out of business.” The remarks left many in the industry concerned as Clinton has attempted to backpedal on her comment, apologizing to angry voters along the way.

Sanders has tried to sway voters in the state by asserting that recent polls show he has a much better chance at beating Donald Trump for presidency than Clinton. Sanders is still behind Clinton by a large margin, but has vowed to remain in the race until June 7.

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