Donald Trump Attempting to Sway Bernie Sanders’ Supporters to His Side

Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. Trump is behind the polls when compared to Clinton and Sanders, but the Republican has changed his stance as of late in an attempt to lure Bernie Sanders’ supporters to vote for him in the general election.

Sanders has over 10 million supporters that have vowed to support the Vermont Senator until the last vote is counted in June.

Trump has recently changed his stance, with a softer position and the possibility of raising the minimum wage. The billionaire, who initially proposed a tax cut across the board – including tax cuts for billionaires, stated that he wouldn’t mind paying more taxes on ABC’s “This Week.”

The calculated move by Trump allows the billionaire to garner support in the Midwest where losing jobs to trade is an even larger issue than in the rest of the country. Trump’s attempt at being an anti-Big Money candidate also helps. He refuses to take money from big donors, something that the Clinton campaign does routinely.

Harvard’s Institute of Politics surveyed young voters under the age of 30 to find that Clinton is favored 61% to Trump’s 25% in the demographic despite many being Sanders supporters. The initial declaration of “wages are too high” by Trump may have harmed his chances of attracting Sanders supporters, as the Vermont senator’s stance is to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Written by Andrew

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