Obama to Trump: “This is Not a Reality Show”

United States President Barack Obama has gone on the offensive as of late, confronting Republican candidate Donald Trump along the way. The president announced on Friday night that running the Oval Office “is not a reality show.”

Obama, a Democrat, is trying to rally support for his party.

Trump relished in attacking his opponents during the Republican race, and the often-unprofessional comments were met with higher numbers in the polls. Obama remained quiet for much of the race, but has since been more vocal against a Trump presidency.

Friday’s media briefing at the White House resulted in many in the press asking Obama Trump-related questions. The president remained calm and told the press to judge Trump by his past statement, but would not elaborate further. “This is not entertainment,” stated Obama in reference to Trump’s reality show.

President Obama is not the only official concerned with a potential Trump presidency.

U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan has not endorsed Trump and has been concerned with a Trump presidency since the start of his campaign. Ryan further stated yesterday that he would step down from his position if Trump asked him to do so as president.

Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Senator Lindsey Graham have all vowed not to vote for Trump in the general election.

Written by Andrew

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