Donald Trump is Rewriting Tax Plan, Asks Conservatives to Help

Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump is rewriting his tax plan that would cut taxes across the board. The Republican has enlisted conservative economists to help him revise his tax plan aimed at slashing the country’s deficit.

The plan’s main revisions will include raising the top tax rate for the wealthy, something that Trump initially said would be a tax cut. The Republican’s plan will also expand the number of people paying taxes in the country in an effort to reduce the country’s deficit even further.

Trump declared last week that his initial tax plan was just a starting point and that the plan would allow for negotiations with Democrats if he was elected president.

The candidate sought the help of Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore to help update the tax plan. The two, one a CNBC television host and another a Wall Street Journal writer, are both conservative economists that have been tasked with helping Trump reduce the overall cost of his tax plan while still encouraging economic growth.

The initial tax plan proposed by Donald Trump would have resulted in adding over $10 trillion to the national deficit over a ten-year period. The plan has been highly criticized by Republicans and Democrats as well as Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

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