Ryan and McConnell Split on Backing Trump

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are two of the most prominent and powerful personalities in the Republican party. The two leaders have been split due to the potential of a Donald Trump presidency.

The two leaders will meet on Thursday on Capitol Hill with Trump, but the views from Ryan and McConnell have diverged in recent days.

Paul Ryan has not endorsed Donald Trump and has asked the Republican presumptive nominee to change his ways. Ryan also stated this week that he would step down from his position as House Speaker if Trump becomes president and requests Ryan to step down.

McConnell has offered his endorsement for Trump in an effort to unify the party, McConnell’s endorsement is believed by many to be a way to try and hold on to his Senate majority. Ryan on the other hand has little risk of losing the House and has backing from moderates and conservatives.

“Both are thinking about their conference and what’s best for them” states South Dakota Senator John Thune.

Senator Thune also believes that Ryan will offer a similar lukewarm endorsement much like McConnell did this past week. McConnell’s endorsement wasn’t highly publicized, and he had assured the party that he would back the Republican nominee. McConnell stated on Tuesday “Trump’s got more votes than anybody else.”

Written by Andrew

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