Sanders Supports Draft Plan for Post-Primary Fight Against Trump

Senator Bernie Sanders makes no bones about his campaign’s chances of winning the nomination. The candidate is well aware that the road ahead will be a tough one. But a group of volunteers and staffers from his campaign are floating a draft proposal that calls for Sanders to drop out of the race after the final sweep of primaries in June, and then focus his efforts on building a progressive movement to stop a Trump presidency.

The group is operating under the assumption that Sanders will win California, but still won’t have the necessary delegates to secure the nomination. The proposal calls for the senator to drop out of the race and form an independent political group.

Those close to Sanders and his campaign are also focusing on the bigger picture, and considering what the campaign’s goals should be and how they will play out.

Sanders’ campaign and the group launching the proposal are both working under the presumption that Clinton will be the nominee. Clinton will struggle to rally Sanders’ supporters behind her, which has led to many discussions focusing on the best way to use Sanders’ email list to rally his troops against Trump.

For the time being, Sanders remains focused on pushing ahead to the upcoming primaries and staying in the race until the convention.

Written by Andrew

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