Donald Trump Considers Newt Gingrich as Running Mate

Donald Trump hinted in recent weeks that he would be announcing or at least discussing choosing a running mate. There’s speculation that the presumptive Republican nominee is considering House Speaker Newt Gingrich for the role, according to sources close to the matter.

Trump has reportedly been asking his closest confidants for their input on Gingrich as his potential mate.

The Republican candidate recently told the Associated Press that he was narrowing his list of potential running mates down to five or six candidates. Trump has put Corey Lewandowski in charge of vetting potential running mates along with a group of staffers.

In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, Trump stated that he was also considering Mary Fallin, Oklahoma governor, and Jan Brewer, Arizona Governor. It’s also rumored that Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Joni Ernst are also being considered.

Gingrich has yet to comment on the matter.

Having Newt Gingrich as a running mate may help Trump garner more support from the Republican base, but will do little to help him gain support from independent voters and minorities.

While serving in Congress, Gingrich was focused on policy, security intelligence and military affairs. The former Congressman also has a number of accomplishments under his belt, including a welfare overhaul.

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Donald Trump Considers Newt Gingrich as Running Mate

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