Trump and Ryan Met Face-to-Face on Thursday Night

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan met on Thursday during a meeting with Republican leaders on Capitol Hill. The two agreed to each be allowed one aide to join in on the discussions. Ryan chose his own political director to accompany him, Kevin Seifert. Trump chose Paul Manafort as his aide for the meeting.

Ryan and Trump talked privately with Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman before Trump allowed several of his advisers to join in on the meeting. Ryan did the same.

Sources stated that the meeting between the two Republicans had been pleasant and even interesting. Trump and Ryan are trying to find common ground as Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has yet to be endorsed by Ryan, the House Speaker. The two discussed policies to explore key issues that have not been met with common ground.

The two parties have not forged an agreement just yet, but they’re working to find a way to unify the party when the general elections begin. Ryan and Trump will hold further meetings together, and Trump made progress when the Republican Conference Chair invited Trump to speak to the House GOP.

Trump agreed to speak to the house despite no date being set by the two parties.

Ryan and Trump hold very different political views, but the House Speaker may have no other option but to support Trump in an attempt to unify the party.

“I was encouraged by this meeting,” stated Ryan.

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