Nancy Pelosi Yet to Endorse Clinton or Sanders

Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, stated, “I feel very confident that she will be president” in reference to Hillary Clinton. Despite the kind words, Pelosi has yet to provide an endorsement to Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Pelosi’s state of California will hold its primary on June 7, and her lack of endorsement has been noted by voters.

A source close to the matter suggests that Pelosi is not willing to provide an endorsement before the nomination is officially won by Clinton. Pelosi believes it would be harder to unify the party and harm voter turnout if she gave her endorsement before her state votes.

Pelosi spoke in the Capitol this past Friday, praising Clinton before stating, “I am not talking to you about the timing of my endorsement.” The House Minority Leader remained neutral during the 2008 election, with the presumption that she favored Barack Obama for presidency.

It’s believed that Pelosi will back Hillary Clinton and that she is not a Bernie Sanders supporter. She has routinely insinuated that Clinton will be the next president by stating, “The next president, whoever she may be.” Unifying the Democratic Party will be the responsibility of Pelosi. The move to withhold an endorsement at this point in the race will allow Pelosi to endorse either potential candidate without swaying her state’s vote in the process.

Written by Andrew

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