New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support Sanders-Like Healthcare System

Bernie Sanders’ path to victory may be a bumpy, narrow one, but his healthcare plan is the most popular among all the candidates in the race, according to a new Gallop Survey released on Monday.

Under Sanders’ plan, the Affordable Care Act would be replaced by a federally-funded healthcare system, similar to what most other developed countries already have in place. The plan would provide insurance to all Americans.

When asked for their opinion on three different scenarios for the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), 58% stated that they would prefer to see the healthcare law replaced with a “care for all” plan, which is what Sanders is advocating.

About 51% said they would like to see the ACA repealed, which is what Donald Trump has proposed. Only 48% of participants wanted to keep the healthcare law as is, which is what Hillary Clinton is advocating.

None of the candidates’ names were attached to the survey questions.

Among Democrats and Democrat-leaning participants, 73% were in favor of implementing a plan similar to what Sanders has proposed. Among Republicans and Republican-leaning participants, 41% were opposed to such a plan.

As far as repealing Obamacare, 72% of Democrats were opposed to the idea. Among Republicans, eight in 10 were in favor of scrapping the law. Democrats were also open to the idea of keeping ACA as is, with 79% in favor of keeping the act in place. Republicans were against keeping the law in place, with 82% opposed.

The poll included responses from 1,549 adults across the country via cell phones and landlines. Results were collected from May 6-8.

Written by Andrew

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