Paul Ryan and Trump to Meet This Week; Ryan Praises Trump

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan will meet for the second time, with a meeting announced for this week. Paul Ryan, the House Speaker that has been reluctant to endorse Donald Trump, offered praise for the presumptive Republican nominee on Saturday, but remained reluctant to offer his endorsement just yet.

Ryan did announce that GOP staffers will meet with the billionaire this week to discuss policy concerns.

The Republican party is attempting to unify the party to offer a strong campaign in the general election. The two Republicans met on Capitol Hill on Thursday. The meeting has been praised as a major step forward for the party.

The Republican party was shaken earlier in the month as Paul Ryan stated he wasn’t ready to endorse Trump just yet. Traditionally, the House Speaker has endorsed the candidate in an attempt to unify the party going forward. Trump also stated that he wasn’t ready to support Ryan’s agenda at the time.

Thursday’s meeting has been seen as positive, with both parties stating that the meeting was a step forward.

“It is no secret that Donald Trump and I have had some disagreements,” stated Ryan. The two parties will meet this week, but no details about the meeting, including its date, have been released.

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