Clinton Senior Advisor: Trump is a ‘Tremendously Dangerous Risk’

Hillary Clinton has focused on attacking presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s economic and tax plans in recent weeks, but Jake Sullivan, the Democratic frontrunner’s senior policy advisor, went on the offensive on Monday, attacking Trump’s foreign policy. Sullivan called the Republican candidate a “tremendously dangerous risk.”

In an hour-long discussion on foreign policy with Kevin Rudd, former Australian Prime Minister, Sullivan said, “It is very; very difficult to pin down where he stands on a lot of these policies.”

Clinton’s senior policy advisor highlighted Trump’s inconsistencies on foreign policy. “He says on the one hand, the United States can do whatever it wants, wherever it wants, for whatever purpose it wants,” Sullivan said. “On the other hand, we’re doing too much and we can’t do all that,” he added.

Sullivan noted that Trump is unlike any other candidate the country has seen before, and his demeanor and ideas make him a “dangerous proposition” for president. The advisor pointed to statements made by Trump, which insinuate that more countries should be able to obtain nuclear weapons and that he, as president, would order military officers to kill the families of terrorists.

Clinton has already switched her focus to the general election and Trump. On Monday at a campaign event in Kentucky, she attacked Trump for his job plan, calling it “empty,” and criticized him for his proposal of withdrawing from NATO.

Written by Andrew

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