Clinton Vying for Victory in the Kentucky Primary

Hoping to slow the momentum of Bernie Sanders’ campaign, Clinton is going all-in on Tuesday’s Kentucky primary. After a string of losses, the Democratic frontrunner is hoping to boost her delegate count and widen her lead over Sanders.

In Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, Clinton spoke to a group of supporters on Sunday, saying that she would be “honored” to have their support in the upcoming primary. “I would be deeply, deeply honored,” she said.

On Monday, the former secretary of state spent some time in Paducah County at the Lone Oak Little Castle. Clinton had visited the town during her husband’s first presidential run. “We came to Paducah the night before the ’92 election…I’m happy to be back,” she said.

Clinton told her supporters that she would not give up on Kentucky.

Monday was the fourth day Clinton spent campaigning in the state, with a total of over a dozen stops across Kentucky before Tuesday’s primary. Bill Clinton also made stops in the state last Thursday. Over the last week, Clinton has been running ads on TV and the radio to encourage Kentuckians to get out and vote on Tuesday.

Clinton has made little effort to campaign in Oregon, a state that will also hold a primary on Tuesday. While her husband stumped for her, Clinton has not campaigned there herself and is not running advertisements in the state.

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