Bill Clinton Made $5 Million in Paid Speeches Last Year

Hillary Clinton’s speech-giving gigs have been troublesome for her campaign, and her most recent personal financial disclosure may add fuel to the fire. According to the disclosure, which was released Tuesday evening, the former secretary of state’s husband, Bill Clinton, earned $5 million in paid speeches last year. About $2.7 million was earned after Hillary Clinton announced that was she was running for president.

Four days after announcing her bid for president, Bill was paid $300,000 to give a speech in front of the Oracle Corporation in California. Within the last year, Bill has given speeches to Apollo Management Holdings, Wyndham Hotel Group, Texas China Business Council, UBS Wealth Management and several other groups.

According to the disclosure, Hillary Clinton raked in over $5 million in royalties from her 2014 memoir and another $15,000-$50,000 in royalties from her 2004 memoir.

Clinton released the disclosure ahead of the Federal Election Commission deadline on Wednesday.

The Clinton campaign used the disclosure requirement to push Trump to release his own tax returns, which he has refused to do thus far. Sanders has filed for an extension.

Christina Reynolds, spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton, said, “Despite Donald Trump’s boasting, submitting his Personal Financial Disclosure is no breakthrough for transparency.” Reynolds added that this is a requirement for anyone running for president, and the “true test” for the Republican candidate is whether he can adhere to the precedent that every other modern presidential candidate has followed and make his tax returns available.

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