Obama Administration Continues to Rush Rules Before May 23rd Deadline

The Obama administration pushed 195 regulations through since January 1 in an attempt to solidify the president’s legacy. The most recent rule change occurred Tuesday night without any input from Congress. Obama pushed through a rule that would extend overtime pay to over 4 million more Americans.

Republican John Kline of Minnesota stated, “This regulatory onslaught has only gotten worse in the administration’s final months.”

The rules outpaced those pushed through by Bill Clinton. Many view the rule changes as an attempt to stop Donald Trump from being able to squash potential regulations should he be elected president.

Obama has pushed through a greenhouse gas emission rule aimed at the oil and gas industry. The rule is the first methane regulation placed against the industry. Broadening access to overtime pay and implementing regulations against silica dust in an attempt to protect workers have also been pushed through in recent months.

Imposing agendas is commonplace among presidents and first occurred with John Adams. George W. Bush was the first president to use these sweeping rule changes over a six-month period up until Election Day. Adams and many presidents that followed him only pushed through changes in their final days in office.

Bush’s rules outpaced Obama’s in the same period 214 to 195. Rules implemented by the May 23 deadline will not be able to be overruled by the next president.

Written by Andrew

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