Trump Wins Oregon Primary by Landslide

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, won in Oregon on Tuesday night. The billionaire is unrivaled in the election since Ted Cruz dropped out of the race. Inching his way towards the general election, Trump had 64% of the vote in Oregon before the Associated Press declared Trump the winner.

Cruz and John Kasich both were on the ballot in Oregon, and secured 20,000 votes a piece.

Oregon’s primary is only a formality at this point as are the remaining Republican primaries. Trump is the only candidate remaining and the only one that has a chance to reach the required delegate count for presidency.

Trump still campaigned in the state despite his position in the race. The candidate visited Eugene, Oregon earlier in the month and used his platform to criticize Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Trump rallied support by promising to bring timber jobs back to the region. Timber is a major industry in Oregon.

Clinton was further attacked by Trump following his statement that “she is totally controlled by Wall Street.” Jacob Daniels, Trump’s state director in Oregon took the race seriously despite the state being a no contest. Daniels took to social media to urge residents in Oregon to get out and vote and made calls on behalf of Trump to rally support.

Oregon has 2.3 million registered voters with over 1 million expected to vote in 2016.

Written by Andrew

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