Clinton Inches Ahead of Sanders in New Jersey Poll

Quinnipiac University released the results of their latest poll on Thursday morning, which shows Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders in New Jersey. The Democratic frontrunner is ahead by double digits in the poll.

The university also polled readers on who they would vote for against Republican Donald Trump in the general election, with Bernie Sanders beating Trump by wider margins than Hillary Clinton.

The poll also showed that participants would vote in favor of Clinton 54% to Sanders’ 40%, with just 6% undecided. Of those polled, 15% stated that they could change their mind before the June 7 primary, while 84% stated that they were firmly committed to their desired candidate.

Participants that consider themselves liberals favor Sanders 52% to 48%. Those that are 44 years of age or younger favor Sanders 66% to 33%, and men favor Sanders 49% to 45%, according to the poll.

Women in New Jersey favor Clinton, with 53% of participants choosing Clinton, while 46% of men stated they would vote for Trump. Just 36% stated that they would vote for another candidate besides Trump. Sanders has a 5-point margin in the polls when pitted against Trump. Sanders’ margin widens even further by 14 points among independents. Clinton holds just a 2-point lead among independents when paired against Trump.

Written by Andrew

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