Rubio Hires Robert Barnett to Aid in Job Search

Marco Rubio, former Republican presidential candidate, has hired Robert Barnett, a Washington superlawyer, to handle a slew of job offers ahead of the senator’s retirement from office in January. Barnett negotiated about $1.3 million in book deals for Rubio in the past.

According to Barnett, Rubio has already received many inquiries from interested parties, and he anticipates that the candidate will receive many more. The inquiries are reportedly from a variety of different sectors.

Barnett has represented Obama as well as former presidents and presidential candidates.

The Washington superlawyer says “many of the speakers bureaus” are interested in Rubio, and he will likely do some teaching. Rubio holds a part-time position at the Florida International University in Miami. Barnett noted that no offers will be negotiated until guidance is received from the Ethics Committee.

There are two jobs that are off the table, Rubio says: working for Wall Street and lobbying. Rubio also squashed rumors that he would be running for governor in 2018, but he has not ruled out another run for president.

While on the campaign trail, Rubio was criticized for missing votes, but since dropping out of the presidential race in March, the senator has not missed a single vote.

Rubio’s ties to Barnett date back to 2011 when Rubio had just won his seat as senator and wanted to write an autobiography.

Written by Andrew


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