Paul Ryan Not Betting on a Trump Win

House Speaker Paul Ryan speaks of party unity, but he still has reservations of a Trump presidency. Ryan may have made peace with Trump earlier in the month, but has yet to endorse the presumptive GOP nominee.

In a recent interview with POLITICO, Ryan said, “When people go to the polls in November, they are not just picking a person, they’re also picking a path.”

Ryan talks of unity, but still is not betting on a Trump victory in the fall. The House Speaker says he believes in a certain “type and style of politics that may not be in vogue today,” but is still the right “kind of politics.”

That core belief is what led Ryan to say he wasn’t ready to endorse Trump in an interview with CNN on May 6. For Trump to earn his endorsement, Ryan said, he would need to clean up his act.

When asked if he would continue to be hard on Trump, Ryan said, “I will. I’ve done that in the past, and I will do that in future if need be.”

While Ryan says he’s not a “betting man,” the House Speaker believes that if the party can unify and offer the American public an agenda that fixes problems, they have a real shot at winning in November.

Written by Andrew


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