Trump Thinks Climate Change is a Hoax – Except for at His Golf Course

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has called climate change “pseudoscience” and “a total hoax” in the past. While he says he’s “not a big believer in global warming,” the billionaire is trying to build a sea wall around one of his golf courses to protect it from the effects of global warming.

Trump has applied for permission to build a coastal protection works to prevent erosion at Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland, located in County Clare.

The permit for the wall explicitly cites increased erosion due to rising sea levels and “extreme weather” as justification for the structure.

The zoning application raises questions as to how Trump would respond to an issue that has been identified by world leaders and even the military as a defining challenge. It also taints the candidate’s reputation, potentially turning the presumptive GOP nominee into a “say one thing, do another” candidate. He dismisses climate change in public, but takes steps to protect his most valuable assets from it behind closed doors.

Bob Inglis, South Carolina Republican Rep., called it “diabolical.”

“He’s saying things to audiences that he must know are not true,” Inglis said. He added that the public has a “soft place” in their hearts for people who are ignorant, but not for deceitful people.

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