Sanders Camp Granted Greater Representation on Convention Platform

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and his supporters just secured their first concession from the DNC yesterday. The Democratic National Committee has agreed to allow Sanders greater representation on the convention platform committee. But Sanders, in his unwavering efforts to rattle the establishment, does not intend to stop here.

As is becoming increasingly clear, Sanders is not just battling Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, but fighting the entire DNC establishment. And his other fights, including the ones in Wyoming and Nevada, are about to get more attention.

The Sanders campaign is no longer attacking Clinton, but rather focusing its fire on the DNC and the way it conducts business.

The senator’s new attack strategy first burst into the media spotlight when he refused to condemn the reported chaos at the Nevada party convention earlier in the month. The heat intensified over the weekend when Sanders endorsed Tim Canova, challenger to DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her seat in the House.

Sanders’ latest attacks have been anything but positive for the Clinton campaign, as national polls show her losing her lead on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The Vermont senator’s latest moves also show that he’s not likely to be deterred by losing, and he remains focused on gathering as many delegates as possible heading into the Democratic convention this July.

Written by Andrew


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