Clinton Talks VP Picks, Sanders and Trump on Ellen DeGeneres

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton talked VP picks, Trump and Sanders during an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres, recorded Tuesday. While her interview was filled with fun, light moments, the topic of Donald Trump was a serious one.

When asked if she ever thought she would be running against Trump in the general election, Clinton said, “No. No, and I don’t think any of the 16 other Republicans who ran against him ever thought that would happen.”

Clinton gave Trump credit for winning the most votes, but noted that the seriousness of the general election will eventually force Trump to be held accountable.

“He can’t just make these pronouncements, insult people, scape goat people, you know, call immigrants ‘murderers’ and ‘rapists’ and insult women,” Clinton said.

On the topic of Bernie Sanders, Clinton believes the Vermont senator will “come around” and support her campaign. Pointing to her own support for Barack Obama in 2008, Clinton said, “I endorsed him, and I worked really hard to elect him, and I do believe that Bernie will do that.”

Ellen also quizzed Clinton on possible running mates. She excluded her husband, believing that he would be ineligible because he already served as president for two terms.

Clinton offered no hint of possible VP picks, instead offering Ellen the job, which the host politely declined.

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