Elizabeth Warren Attacks Trump, Calling Him “Small and Insecure”

Elizabeth Warren attacked Donald Trump publically on Tuesday evening, calling the presidential candidate “small and insecure.” The attacks come at a time when the Democratic party tries to unify and retain the White House.

Warren, a Massachusetts Senator, stated that Trump “kisses the fannies of poor, misunderstood Wall Street bankers.”

The attacks worsened when Warren stated, “He inherited a fortune from his father.” Trump has gone on record stating that his father gave him a small $1 million loan, but has failed to mention his inheritance of his father’s wealth.

“He kept it going by scamming people, declaring bankruptcy and skipping out on what he owed,” stated Warren. The Senator has been on the attack against Trump for weeks, and the attacks are seen as her signature for trying to pull the Democratic Party together.

Warren has been reluctant to back Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton for president. Clinton has been linked to Wall Street speeches that paid her over $600,000 per speech. The criticism of Trump’s ties to Wall Street overlook that Democratic frontrunner’s ties to Wall Street, too.

The Senator also helped a coalition of labor on Tuesday start a campaign aimed at regulating and cracking down on Wall Street. The coalition is calling for harsher regulations than Clinton has proposed.

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