Trump’s Campaign Manager: “There’s Little to See of Any Worth in Trump’s Tax Returns”

Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, says, “There’s little to see of any worth in Donald Trump’s tax returns.” Trump has been reluctant to disclose his tax returns despite stating that he is worth $10 billion.

Trump has released his income figures of $557 million for 2015, but has yet to release his returns in their entirety.

The billionaire states that he is withholding his returns until an audit against him has ended. Speaking to CBS This Morning, Lewandowski defended Trump even when questioned about Trump’s reluctance to release returns despite being one of the two candidates for presidency.

The manager states that Trump fights to pay the lowest tax rate possible so that he can employ others and be a business success.

Voters want to view the billionaire’s tax returns to see just how little Trump pays in taxes. Charlie Rose, CBS This Morning anchor, pressed the issue further, as the IRS stated that the tax returns can be made public despite being under audit.

Trump’s refusal to release his taxes is under question, as many financial institutions put the presidential candidate’s net worth as much less than Trump states. Lewandowski reaffirms that Trump will release his tax returns once the audit has been completed. No timeframe on the audit has been given.

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