Government Watchdog Says Clinton’s Email Server Broke the Rules

An internal government watchdog says Hillary Clinton broke the rules with her use of a private email server without approval during her tenure as secretary of state. The highly-anticipated report by the inspector general of the State Department was the first official audit to be made public.

The report was critical of the use of the server in Clinton’s home, fueling Republican attacks on Clinton. It also found issues with the department’s record-keeping practices before Clinton served as secretary of state and undermined Clinton’s defenses of her emails.

The remarks added to anxiety on the Democratic side, which is already concerned of the public’s perception of the candidate. According to recent polls, the majority of voters believe Clinton is dishonest.

The watchdog’s report concludes that Clinton would not have been given permission to use the server in her home had she asked department officials. The report also notes that a staff member who raised concerns about the server was told to keep quiet on the matter. Suspected hacking attempts back in 2011 were never reported to information security officials at the department, which also breached department rules.

The report contradicted Clinton’s claims that the server was permitted and that she did not need permission for it.

Clinton’s email controversy is still being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department into whether the use of the server had broken the law.

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