Mitt Romney “Thinking Seriously” about Running as a Third-Party, According to Bill Kristol

Bill Kristol, a neoconservative political analyst and the founder of The Weekly Standard, announced on a Masters in Politics podcast that he believes Mitt Romney is seriously thinking of running as a third-party candidate in this year’s election.

Mitt Romney has stated in the past that he was not interested in running for president again.

“He knows that Trump should not be president,” states Kristol. “He believes Hillary Clinton should not be president,” asserted Kristol. The analyst has strong reservations against a Trump presidency, and a third-party run by Romney makes sense for Romney, according to him.

“I think he thinks someone should do it,” stated Kristol. Romney came out publically weeks ago, stating that it would be better if a young person did it. The reference may be to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who many believed would run as a third-party bid if Trump became the Republican nominee.

Trump has since secured the required delegate count to become the Republican nominee, but Ryan has been reluctant to endorse the billionaire.

A spokesperson for Romney has not commented on the matter. Romney would be able to appeal to older voters that don’t support Trump, but see him as the only choice to overcome a potential Clinton presidency.

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Mitt Romney “Thinking Seriously” about Running as a Third-Party, According to Bill Kristol