Rubio Says He’d Speak for Trump at the Convention

Marco Rubio has vowed to help Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election. The former Republican presidential candidate says he will go beyond his loyalty pledge signed last fall to support the presumptive GOP nominee.

Speaking in an interview with CNN, Rubio confirmed that he would be attending the Republican National Convention in July, and would be willing to take on a speaking role. The Florida senator expects his delegates to be released.

Rubio said he would speak on Trump’s behalf at the Republican convention. The senator said he wants to be helpful, as he doesn’t want Clinton to be president.

Since he suspended his campaign in March, Rubio still maintains that he and Trump disagree on some policy issues, but would rather put those qualms aside to prevent Clinton from becoming president.

While Rubio says he will support Trump, he dismisses the idea of joining his ticket. “That wouldn’t be the right choice for him,” Rubio said. The Florida senator added that Trump should choose a running mate that shares his views.

Although Rubio says it’s “unlikely” that he’ll return to the Senate, fellow Republican senators would welcome the idea. Five GOP seats are up for reelection in Florida, and there are fears that his seat could flip to Democrats.

Written by Andrew

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