Sanders Says Clinton’s Running Mate Should Not Have Wall Street Ties

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has warned Hillary Clinton that choosing a moderate as her running mate may weaken her campaign. In the midst of a heated primary battle with the former secretary of state, Sanders told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Clinton should choose a VP that does not have close ties with corporations.

Sanders says that if he is not the nominee, he hopes Clinton will select a VP candidate that is not from Wall Street. He urged the former secretary of state to select a running mate that will stand up for working families, take on the greed of drug companies, take on corporate America and Wall Street, and fight for a government that works for all of Americans.

The Vermont senator’s list of prerequisites are nearly identical to his own campaign’s talking points, but lays out his terms for uniting behind Clinton if she secures the nomination in July.

When asked if he’d join a Clinton ticket as her running mate, Sanders said his focus was still on winning the nomination.

The last leg of major primary contests will be held on June 7, with California offering the most delegates.

In recent weeks, the Sanders campaign has focused its attacks on Trump, largely ignoring the Clinton email scandal.

Written by Andrew

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