Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills Discussed Email Server With Technical Aide in 2013

Cheryl Mills, a veteran aide to Hillary Clinton, discussed the usage of Clinton’s private email server with a technical aide that assisted in the operation and setup of the server, according to a court deposition released on Tuesday.

Mills discussed the matter for over five hours during her testimony.

Bryan Pagliano, the technical aide that Mills spoke with, was not confronted by Mills until after Clinton stepped down from her position as secretary of state in 2013. Mills, the former chief of staff at the State Department during Clinton’s tenure, stated she spoke will Pagliano several times on the matter, but did not elaborate on the matter in accordance with her lawyer’s recommendations.

Pagliano has cooperated with the FBI in a separate probe into Clinton’s email usage.

The technical aide refused to testify in front of a congressional meeting last year. The meeting was an attempt to uncover Pagliano’s work on the email server, which was installed in the basement of Clinton’s home.

Clinton has not yet been scheduled to talk with the FBI, according to recent talks she has given.

Mills stated, “It was my impression that any communications would be captured and maintained by the State Department system,” in reference to email communications through the server.

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