Clinton Calls Trump’s Foreign Policy “Dangerously Incoherent”

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton went on the offense Thursday night during a speech, calling presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s foreign policy plan “dangerously incoherent.”

Clinton continued on the path of bashing Trump in a comedic speech, with several one-line jabs at the Republican.

The former secretary of state suggested that Trump may start a nuclear war because someone got under his “very thin skin.” Speaking to a room of supporters in California ahead of the state’s primaries next Tuesday, Clinton focused on advancing her position against Trump in the general election rather than securing her position against Bernie Sanders in the state.

Sanders and Clinton are in a close race in the state, with Sanders narrowing Clinton’s lead to just three points in recent polls.

Trump is no stranger to controversy, and calls Clinton “Crooked Hillary” due to her ties to Wall Street and her use of a private email server. Trump has also went on the offensive against Hillary’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, calling his infidelities into question.

Clinton suggested Trump would run the United States “like one of his casinos.” Trump has been notorious for his casino bankruptcies that occurred at his casinos in New Jersey. “He says he has foreign policy experience because he ran the Miss Universe pageant,” stated Clinton.

Written by Andrew

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