Sanders Gets More Superdelegates Ahead of California Primary

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders picked up another superdelegate yesterday: Martha Fuller Clark, the New Hampshire vice chairman of the Democratic Party. Fuller is also a state senator.

Clark’s backing of Sanders is the latest in a recent string of endorsements from superdelegates in the last week.

Maureen Monahan, Nebraska’s Democratic Party vice chair, also said she would back Sanders on Thursday afternoon. She encouraged other superdelegates and unpledged delegates to do the same.

Monahan said that while Sanders has received 45% of the pledged delegates thus far, he has only received pledges from 6% of the superdelegates.

“No wonder Sanders voters are so frustrated with the party,” she said. Monahan added that party leaders need to acknowledge Sanders and his supporters.

“We need new energetic people in the Democratic Party to spread our effective message,” Monahan said in a statement.

Tim Vandeveer, Hawaii’s Democratic Party chairman, has also pledged to vote for Sanders. Last week, West Virginia DNC member Elaine Harris said she would support Sanders as a superdelegate.

While his recent string of superdelegate support is promising news for the Vermont senator, he still has a steep hill to climb. Thus far, Sanders has 44 superdelegates, and Clinton has 543.

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