Obama Warns Democrats to “Run Scared” in Election

President Barack Obama warned Democrats during a fundraiser on Friday that they need to “run scared” in the general election on November 8. The president urged Democrats to work hard to defeat Donald Trump while urging them to avoid violence, referring to the violent attacks at Trump’s rally in California last week.

“I want us to run scared the whole time,” the President said.

“That’s not what our democracy’s about,” he said when discussing protestors throwing objects at Trump supporters this past week. “There’s no room for violence,” he said. The discussion was in front of 90 donors to the Democratic National Committee at the home of personal injury lawyer Robert Rubenstein.

The donors all spent $10,000 – $30,000 to be present at the dinner.

Trump’s celebrity and fame was also discussed with the President, stating that they are both “such a driver in this culture.” The president bashed the Republicans economic stance, stating that they have “no coherent economic theory.”

The speech given to the donors is an effort to raise money for the Democratic National Committee. The money will be used to refill the Democratic coffers heading into the general election later in the year. Trump will face either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders this fall in the general election.

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