Pro-Trump Group Ad Uses the Clintons’ Words Against Them

A pro-Donald Trump group, Rebuilding America Now, is airing its first TV ad attacking Hillary Clinton, and that ad uses both Hillary’s and her husband Bill’s words against them. The 30-second ad ties Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

The TV spot follows Trump’s effort to cast the Democratic front-runner as untrustworthy.

Rebuilding America Now, a newly-formed super PAC, is led by Trump’s close associate Tom Barrack, who has committed $32 million.

The ad pieces together clips from Clinton’s press conference in August 2015, during which she insisted she turned over all emails from her private server used as secretary of state and claimed to not have sent or received classified material, with former President Bill Clinton’s famous 1998 speech in which he responded to the Lewinsky allegations. At the time, Bill Clinton denied having a sexual relationship with the ex-White House intern, but later had to take back his comments.

The spot never attacks Hillary Clinton directly, but instead, features just the Clintons’ words.

Rebuilding America Now’s launch of the ad is a bold move, but may help the super PAC surge ahead of a growing number of pro-Trump groups. Great America PAC, Rebuilding America Now’s main rival, is gearing up for the launch of several fundraisers, including a multi-day event this week in Dallas.

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