Sanders Attacks Clinton on Foreign Policy Ahead of CA Primary

Just three days before the California primary, Bernie Sanders attacked Hillary Clinton on foreign policy. The Vermont senator accuses the former secretary of state of being too eager to use military force, and says the Clinton charity’s acceptance of contributions from foreign countries is a conflict of interest.

In an interview with Jake Tapper from CNN, Sanders said Clinton is quick to “rush in” and remove dictators from power. He also criticized the former secretary of state’s approach to Syria, Iraq and Libya.

“I think her support for the war in Iraq was not just an aberration,” Sanders said, referring to Clinton’s vote in favor of authorizing the Iraq War.

The senator also said Clinton’s “willingness to kind of push” President Obama into overthrowing Libyan leader Gaddafi has led to the current instability in the country. As for Syria, Sanders said her no-fly zone proposal would put the U.S. into a never-ending conflict in the region.

“These are terrible, brutal dictators. But our job is to think what happens the day after these people are removed – the kind of instability that occurs,” Sanders said.

The Vermont senator says that while the “world would be better off” without these dictators in power, there are ways to remove them from power without causing “mass instability and the deaths of many, many, many hundreds of thousands of people.”

Written by Andrew

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