Bernie Sanders and Obama Talked for 30 – 45 Minutes on Sunday

President Barack Obama and Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders talked for 30 – 45 minutes on Sunday, according to a Sanders spokesman. The conversation’s details have not been released at this time, but the two have spoken multiple times, according to sources.

The President also talked to Sanders in mid-May.

The phone call came as Sanders tried to bolster support in California on Sunday. Sanders was seen standing on Market Street in San Francisco jotting down notes and discussing matters with Obama on a cell phone.

The phone call was at around 2:30 pm.

Sanders spoke to Kylie Atwood of CBS News stating, “I have spoken to President Obama many, many times about many issues.” The Vermont senator continued, “I really think it’s not appropriate to talk about my discussions with the president.”

The call comes ahead of the California primary on Tuesday, a big night where six states will hold election contests. There are 694 delegates at stake on Tuesday night, with Clinton holding a commanding lead.

Reports surfaced Monday night that Clinton has clinched the nomination prior to the final six states holding election contests. Sanders was adamant that Clinton has not clinched the nomination yet, as superdelegates have not voted for their desired candidate yet. The Democratic National Committee has asked the media to not mention superdelegate figures in their count, but the media has ignored the request.

Written by Andrew

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